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My name is Edward Torgerson. I am a 6th grade teacher at Marquardt Middle School. This site was designed to provide support and greater independence for my students & their families. Up until January of 2011, it was a mirror to our district's secure intranet and as such, many documents are still password protected.

I will leave this site intact for the forseeable future. If you find any bogus links, please e-mail me. I will continue to repair links and add your suggestions. Your help is appreciated.

This was an independent project using the resources of MySite.com, WordPress.com, Pearson SuccessNet, and Quia.com with translation run through the free Google Translate tool.

I ask that students and family members use etorgerson@d15.us for communications.

All others, please use webmaster@etorgerson.net to provide any constructive feedback.

August 2012

Photo below: Prince William Sound, Alaska 2000. My wife and I kayaking in front of a waterfall.