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Worsley School Online Links  

  • Body Proportions ... use average values to get your body and face sketches in proportion.
  • Texture ... use texture sketching to heighten students' awareness of detail.
  • Copy a Work of Art ... using the mosaic method. An idea for art teachers that your students will enjoy.
  • Perspective ... how to make your drawings look more realistic.
  • Creating an Art Project Database (teachers) ... recording your students' artwork using a digital camera
  • Gargoyles ... find out about the history of gargoyles. 

    Artists and Styles:
  • Mona Lisa ... the world's most famous painting.
  • Robert Bateman ... information about this famous Canadian artist, and some samples of his work.
  • Piet Mondrian ... find out about this abstract art painter, see some of his works, and make some yourself!
  • Paul Gauguin ... a famous post-impressionist painter best known for his images of the South Seas.
  • Norman Rockwell ... a short biography, and samples of his work.
  • M. C. Escher ... a short biography, and samples of his work.
  • Peter Paul Rubens ... a short biography, and samples of his work.
  • Pre-Columbian Mayan Art ... learn about the Mayan civilization, and the works of art they produced.
  • Abstract Art ... is it really art? We venture an opinion! 

    Art for Fun:
  • Crayon-by-Number ... use this program to generate 'crayon-by-number' portraits for your students to colour.

PBS—Zoom Playhouse
Internet Public Library—History of Music
National Arts Center—Great Composers
Dallas Symphony Orchestra—Composers
BBC—Parents’ Music Room Homepage
Inside Art: My Pop Studio
Young Composers
New York Philharmonic for Kids
San Francisco Symphony for Kids
Dallas Symphony for Kids
National Arts Center of Canada—Arts Alive—Music
Morton Subotnick’s Creating Music
Music Production School- Learn to Play Band and Orchestral Instruments
Piano Nanny
Kaboose—Kids Domain—Music Games
Room 108—Music Adventureland
Music Notes: An Interactive Online Musical Experience
Fun For Your Ears: Songs for Kids

Worsley School Online Links 
  • Crescendo ... Free software that lets you write music on your computer.Flutist
  • PitchPerfect ... Free software for tuning your guitar using your computer.
  • Bagpipes ... a short history, how they work, and some music!
  • CD Scratch ... Download a free program that lets you combine, alter, and scratch two CD tracks at a time, like an expert DJ. Lots of fun! Click on the link to find out more.
  • CD Booklets ... Download a free program that makes booklets for your homemade CD's.
  • The Theremin ... find out about this unusual electronic instrument, and download a free theremin player so you can make your own spooky music!
  • Arlo Guthrie ... a short bio of the legendary folk singer who gave us 'Alice's Restaurant'.
  • Melody Memory ... practice note placement by ear using a simple, free program.
  • Xylophone ... play a xylophone, and see the notes. Or enter notes and hear the melody!
  • Beethoven ... a short biography of a great composer ... who wrote wonderful music while deaf!
  • Mozart ... a biography of one of the world's greatest composers and a musical genius.
  • Notecard ... a free music program for you to download, that practices sight reading of notes on the scale. Flash cards for music students! A 168Kb self-installing (zipped) file.
  • Beatles' Song Lyrics ... download the lyrics to all the Beatles songs, arranged by album! This program is in help-file format (ie: runs on any Windows9x machine). Unzip it (it's only 112K) into a folder, and double-click 'Help!.HLP' to run it. Amazing!! Right-click on the link and choose 'Save Target As'
  • Music Writing Paper ... save a master copy and print your own.
  • Beginner's Guide to Guitar ... learn about guitars and how to play chords and simple songs.