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Robotics & Technology Links

This page lists LEGO NXT projects resources for students (bottom right) as well as research sites for non-kit robotics. 

The MMS Robotics program curricula is divided into 5 segments.

  1. Introduction to Technological Design Methods & LEGO LabView Software/NXT Hardware
  2. Further practice with simple integrated machines at
  3. More complex systems with One Kit Wonders by Kelly et al
  4. Team Challenge Competition
  5. Open Competition
Students will also learn to reverse-engineer in order to learn from others.

Design Tools
The following is a list useful links that I have compiled.
If you wish to add to this list, please send me an e-mail.

Research Sites products, community, guidance, and projects.

FIRST LEGO League (FLL) is an exciting and fun global robotics program that ignites an enthusiasm for discovery, science, and technology in kids ages 9 to 14.
LUGNET - International LEGO Users Group Network, global community of LEGO enthusiasts. LUGNET unites LEGO fans worldwide through forums, web pages, and services. 
BEST Robotics Inc. (BRI) is a non-profit, volunteer organization based in Dallas, TX. Started in 1993 with 14 competing schools and 221 students, today BEST has over 700 middle and high schools and over 10,000 students participating each fall.
The Botball Educational Robotics Program integrates science, technology, engineering, and math with robotics to keep your students on the cutting edge of technology!

To create a human, technical, and programmatic resource of robotics capabilities to enable the implementation of future robotic space exploration missions.

 Rover Ranch at NASA/JPL: The ROVer Ranch is a place to learn about robotic engineering. You can learn about the development of robots, their elements and systems.

• Offer the “how to do it” for the robot enthusiast and robot hobbyist, as well as the “what’s going on” in the expanding world of robotics for the interested layperson or technical professional.

• Offer parents, teachers and kids guidance on using and playing with the new generation of consumer, toy and hobby robot products that serve as educational tools and recreational fun

• Offer a “Spotlight on Education” section that includes coverage of FIRST Robotics, FIRST LEGO Mindstorm and VEX kits and competitions; this will be important reading for robotics educators and involved students who wish to sharpen their competitive edge

• Present beautiful photography in a clean, family-friendly presentation with the entertainment-plus-education format of Maplegate’s existing titles, Fly RC and RC Driver

NXT Project Resources

The projects on this page are designed for the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT 2.0 kit and software.  No extra parts are required. 
The projects on this page are designed for the version 1.X NXT kits shown to the right.  No extra parts are required.
Some of these projects are also buildable with the NXT 2.0 kit with the addition of the Education Resource Set.  Click here for more information.

This is the place for you share and archive your LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT projects, and get inspired to build with NXT from the MINDSTORMS Community! 

You can share as little as one picture and description of your project or fully document your step-by-step creative process. 

NXTLOG is a fully moderated community. is dedicated to providing educators with resources for teaching through engineering with LEGO materials