Newton Scooter Help

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Note: this year we are not allowing the simplest balloon/straw-on-a-string flying vehicles.

Supply Sources

This is a budget project, please try to spend as little money as possible!!! 

  • recycling bins, workbench/garage spare parts, kitchen drawers
  • dollar/discount stores 
  • hardware stores
  • craft stores
  • hobby stores

No pre-made kit bodies or wheels allowed. This is to be our own design or version of a design.

No LEGO, K'Nex, Erector, Magnetix, or other building kit parts/wheels.

Propulsion systems:

  • rubber\bands
    • propeller from airplanes/toys
    • attached to axle- pulls to turn
  • Winding Springs
    • key chain
    • pet leash
    • measuring tape
    • window shades
    • fly fishing reels
    • electric cord winders
  • mouse/rat traps (Doc Fizzix Mousetrap Help Page)
  • wind-up weights
  • spring loaded hinges
  • balloons
  • push/expansion springs
  • thread, string, kite string, fishing line, 
2, 3, or 4 wheels? 
  • beads
  • bottle caps, jar lids, plastic containers, etc
  • cardboard/foam board (make a protractor using a piece with 2 holes)
  • wood dowl/rail/rod
  • washers (metal, rubber, plastic, plumbing, etc)
  • plastic pulley wheels (clothesline, electronics, window parts, etc.)
  • compact disc/DVD (use 1/4 L faucet washers, tape, rubber bands, etc to shim)
  • rubber bands/balloons/tourniquets
  • vinyl records
  • cassette/videocassette hubs
  • roller blade bearings
  • screws/bolts/nails
  • wood-dowl/skewer/toothpick
  • straws
  • toothpicks
  • metal wire 
  • metal/plastic hobby rod/tube 
  • leather
  • grommets
  • cardboard/foam board/corrugated plastic
  • 1/8-1/4 hobby plywood
  • balsa/bass/pine/cedar/aspen craft wood
  • wood moulding strips
  • packing styrofoam
  • florist foam
  • plastic box
  • cardboard box/packaging 
  • tubing
  • bottle
  • craft sticks
  • pencils/pens/dowl rods
  • plastic cases (from gutted radios, remote controls, etc.)