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Open your Social Studies book and use the web codes to log in to interactive map activities.

Ancient Greek Theater And Drama

An overview from The Theater Store 


Ancient Greece For KidsPtolemy Map

 This site provides covers mythology, life, and the city states.

Cyber Sleuths—Ancient Civilization

This site provides links to themes covering 13 ancient civilizations and groups of people. Children can select one civilization to explore or several civilizations to compare and contrast.


Explore Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, and Latin America at this enriching site. There is a wealth of information on the different countries including places, people, history, and travel. You can find out a lot here, including information about the geographical landscape of many areas.

National Geographic Society - Ten Cool Historical Sites for Kids

Ancient Egypt, Peru, China, and others.

National Geographic Kids—Geo Spy Game

Kids are asked to be agents-in-training to aid the GeoSpy Agency in identifying continents, states, and provinces. This is a great way for kids to practice their map location skills.

Discovery School—History Lessons - Ancient History

Ancient Greece, Egypt, Rome, etc.
The History Channel - Ancient History LinksHistory Channel
This is a great resource for children. It has a search engine that is good for looking up specific reference materials, and it has Military and War, Mysteries of History, U.S. History, Culture, World History, and Political and Historic Figures sections.
BBC - Ancient History LinksBBC

From the death cults of Egypt to the fearsome yet sophisticated society of the Vikings, the ancient world was a surprising and challenging place. Explore the in-depth sections below.

Best History Website Links Resource

 Cartography at


HistoryForKids.orgHistory For Kids

Kidipede is a kids' encyclopedia, online since 1996. A lot of kids use Kidipede for school reports or for homeschooling. You can find out about Ancient Greece or Ancient Egypt, or how to make yogurt, or about why fires need air to burn. Kidipede will tell you who invented algebra, and what happens in the Iliad, and what Confucius said. Click now!.


National Geographic Map MachineNat Geo

At this site, children can enter information about the area they are looking for and National Geographic Map Machine will generate a specific type of map like a road map, satellite map, physical map, or a theme map.

ChariotRoyal Ontario Museum - Ancient Egypt

Mummies, Religion, Life, etc. 

CasaHistoria - Medieval Castles

Medieval Life, Real Castles, Defense & War

PBS Medieval Siege:Arms RaceMedieval Siege

Methods of Attack and Defense for a Castle




An Online Guide to Maps and Map Skills

Maps represent the Earth’s surface, or a part of it in two- or three-dimensional form. Maps give information about a place, such as its location relative to other places on the Earth’s surface, its distance from other places, and its size. There are many different types of maps, including political maps, topographic maps, physical maps, climate maps, thematic maps, and road maps. The information each kind of map depicts depends on its use: a map of a subway system shows different subway lines and major streets, but does not show mountain ranges or average rainfall because that information does not help the map user decide which subway line to take to reach their destination.

Suggested by Ms. Knowlten's class at Valley Charter School

Kid's Health Auto Safety
Cheap Car Insurance: Safety Seats
Safe Kids USA Safety Seats

Suggested by Ms. Donato's class


Mobile Marketing's Ultimate Geography Guide

Suggested by Ms. Fuller's Class 



Mrs. Panzilius' Geography Links

Geography games created by Mr. Bowerman
These are especially good!

  • Try any of the games, puzzles, or quizzes, but especially check out the following. . .

  • Geography Games

  • Interactive Adventures like “Tomb of the Unknown Mummy”

  • People and Places

  • Photos