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Practice identifying types of triangles: obtuse, right, isoleses and equilateral. Learn how to find the area of a triange and use the Pythagoran Theorem to find the length of the hypotenuse.

Identify different polygons. Learn to find the perimeter of a rectangle and the area of a rectangle.

Circle: find the circumference and the area.

Review what you've learned about geometry

Angles and Lines


Area and Perimeter


ParentsShapes and Designs
(University Of Michigan)

Concept with Explanation
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Shapes and Designs was created to help students to:

  • Understand some important properties of polygons and recognize polygonal shapes both in and out of the classroom;

  • Investigate the symmetries of a shape-rotational or reflectional;

  • Estimate the size of any angle using reference to a right angle and other benchmark angles;

  • Use an angle ruler for making more accurate angle measurements;

  • Explore parallel lines and angles created by lines intersecting parallel lines;

  • Find patterns that help determine angle sums of polygons;

  • Determine which polygons fit together to cover a flat surface and why;

  • Explain the property of triangles that makes them useful as a stable structure for building;

  • Reason about and solve problems involving shapes.